The Rubens’ Tube

So I have finally made it around to getting a good recording of this project in action.  I am rather satisfied with it’s performance and most of my work left is cosmetic.  If you would like to invest in this project I’m accepting donations.  I need high temp black paint, a taser (stun gun), an electronic fuel valve (for propane) and some 2×4’s to build a new stand.  But enough of my needs, on to yours, and while I wish you could feel the heat first hand, my 5D camera is still on order… It also looks like a few people have already found the videos after they finished processing, don’t forget to leave a comment!   So without further ado.

Habanera – Carmen Opera

Zedd – The Legend of Zelda

Update: Looks like somebody else found the video and has shared it over here: