Well im barely making them in by Pacific time but I am getting them up here. Now is time to focus my efforts on the content.  Thanks to the 3D printer and the tools and space up at FamiLAB I have too many active projects once again.  Ill be taking one at a time to try and get this list under control.


Not a Good Start

Gotta focus on the positive, so here’s another post (PDT still saves this post).

I was at Discovery Cove today and had a chance to swim with the dolphins.  There wasn’t any progress made on any of my projects but that’s to be expected when life happens.  It was a great time and if you’re in Orlando I’d recommend this as a unique experience, more so than a hot air balloon ride.

In the next few weeks you can expect more media and me to work a little harder on these posts but every now and then it may just be an update on how life (or grad school) have interfered with this plan.

Better Late than Never

Well by day 3 we’re already having to be flexible with our time zones, this one counts using PDT, so I’m ok with this… Out of all the projects that I have to get up here I’ll emphasize a few that have my active attention.

TapBx – – We had a discussion today about what we needed to do to move this project forward, luckily most of the work falls on the other guys but eventually I’ll have to redesign the system to fit a different size cooler.  This one will be documented throughout the next year the most so I will emphasize this project the least.

Rostock MAX v2 – My very own 3D printer.  I only talked about it for half a decade before finally having the funds and motivation to build one.  I have many pictures from the build process but unfortunately my overzealous attempt to fix my OctoPrint server has resulted in me loosing about the first 2 months of timelapse prints, upsetting yes, but not the end of the world.

Fun with Lasers – I’ve been working more with the Epilog Fusion laser up at FamiLAB, my new home away from home.  I’m excited as I expand my material choices and design.  Although I laser cut the panel for the TapBx, I am working on an edge lit name and title plate for my office.  I hope to have something up on the site soon for this one.

As for the rest of my odd projects, I do still need to make a longer cable for part of my under cabinet lighting in the kitchen (project is mostly done with the exception of wiring) so keep an eye out for the full project build details sometime in the future.


That was close…

I’m hoping to get a list of my active projects together this weekend so I can start sharing photo’s and info, maybe even get some feedback.  Stay Tuned.

Day #1

So here goes.  This is my attempt to help bring sanity to my mind even if I’m speaking to a non-existent audience.  I’m going to attempt to do a full 365 attempt however my goal of starting 10/01 has been missed already.  I have a few goals to this aside from self-improvement, they are as follows:

1.  Organize projects – The started but never finished list has grown too large.  Time to document and then complete or destroy these works in an effort to reclaim space and parts.

2.  Positive Posts – It’s easy to find tons of people bitching about something on the internet, the next 364 posts in this series will only be focused on the positive.  I’ll keep the negative to a side channel should I need to vent about issues.  Of course I find the positive in my failures so don’t think I’ll short you all on the Epic Fail series.

3.  Stay with It – While I will do my best to hit everyday something tells me I’ll miss a day.  Instead of scrapping the entire plan, I’ll avoid double posting on any day and make it up at the end of the year for a full 365 days in the series.

For those following I do hope to pass something along, maybe by the end we’ll figure out what it is.

Disclaimer: I have no guarantee these will be consecutive days as my full time job, graduate program, girlfriend and life often interfere.


Well the Rubens’ tube has been upgraded, new fuel system and a better stand. Trying to get the rest of the video together, but here’s the ignition sequence. Since the actual tube is approaching it’s final design, I plan to post the build photos and some more detailed descriptions of the design on a project page on the main site. (

The Rubens’ Tube

So I have finally made it around to getting a good recording of this project in action.  I am rather satisfied with it’s performance and most of my work left is cosmetic.  If you would like to invest in this project I’m accepting donations.  I need high temp black paint, a taser (stun gun), an electronic fuel valve (for propane) and some 2×4’s to build a new stand.  But enough of my needs, on to yours, and while I wish you could feel the heat first hand, my 5D camera is still on order… It also looks like a few people have already found the videos after they finished processing, don’t forget to leave a comment!   So without further ado.

Habanera – Carmen Opera

Zedd – The Legend of Zelda

Update: Looks like somebody else found the video and has shared it over here: