Day #1

So here goes.  This is my attempt to help bring sanity to my mind even if I’m speaking to a non-existent audience.  I’m going to attempt to do a full 365 attempt however my goal of starting 10/01 has been missed already.  I have a few goals to this aside from self-improvement, they are as follows:

1.  Organize projects – The started but never finished list has grown too large.  Time to document and then complete or destroy these works in an effort to reclaim space and parts.

2.  Positive Posts – It’s easy to find tons of people bitching about something on the internet, the next 364 posts in this series will only be focused on the positive.  I’ll keep the negative to a side channel should I need to vent about issues.  Of course I find the positive in my failures so don’t think I’ll short you all on the Epic Fail series.

3.  Stay with It – While I will do my best to hit everyday something tells me I’ll miss a day.  Instead of scrapping the entire plan, I’ll avoid double posting on any day and make it up at the end of the year for a full 365 days in the series.

For those following I do hope to pass something along, maybe by the end we’ll figure out what it is.

Disclaimer: I have no guarantee these will be consecutive days as my full time job, graduate program, girlfriend and life often interfere.


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