Better Late than Never

Well by day 3 we’re already having to be flexible with our time zones, this one counts using PDT, so I’m ok with this… Out of all the projects that I have to get up here I’ll emphasize a few that have my active attention.

TapBx – – We had a discussion today about what we needed to do to move this project forward, luckily most of the work falls on the other guys but eventually I’ll have to redesign the system to fit a different size cooler.  This one will be documented throughout the next year the most so I will emphasize this project the least.

Rostock MAX v2 – My very own 3D printer.  I only talked about it for half a decade before finally having the funds and motivation to build one.  I have many pictures from the build process but unfortunately my overzealous attempt to fix my OctoPrint server has resulted in me loosing about the first 2 months of timelapse prints, upsetting yes, but not the end of the world.

Fun with Lasers – I’ve been working more with the Epilog Fusion laser up at FamiLAB, my new home away from home.  I’m excited as I expand my material choices and design.  Although I laser cut the panel for the TapBx, I am working on an edge lit name and title plate for my office.  I hope to have something up on the site soon for this one.

As for the rest of my odd projects, I do still need to make a longer cable for part of my under cabinet lighting in the kitchen (project is mostly done with the exception of wiring) so keep an eye out for the full project build details sometime in the future.


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